Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can occur for a variety of reasons. A traumatic injury could result in a sudden onset of sharp shoulder pain that may even limit movement in the arm. However, it is not always a direct hit to the shoulder that can cause pain in that area. A back injury is also very often the culprit of shoulder pain. When joints that are connected to the spine go out of alignment, the pain from damaged nerve endings frequently radiates out to various areas of the body. If the injury involves a slipped, or herniated, spinal disc in the area of the upper back or neck, pain will usually be felt in the connected joints, including the arms and shoulders.

How We Treat Shoulder Pain

Hands-on examination and treatment allows the chiropractor to get an intimate understanding of exactly where the pain is most intense and where physical manipulation will be most effective. Manual adjustment of the spine is the basic modality that chiropractors use to quickly relieve pain and to help correct possible contributing factors to the pain, such as poor posture. In addition to spinal manipulation, chiropractors use corrective exercises and routine physical therapy to help their patients achieve optimal healing and to learn techniques that will work to prevent future injuries .

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain vs. Other Pains

The difference between chronic pain and other types of pain is in its persistence. Chronic pain lasts longer than what you typically think pain should last. It also may not respond to pain-relieving treatments such as rest, hot baths or massages, the way that other pain does.
If your pain has been unresponsive to remedies that have previously been effective or if it is lasting beyond what you think is normal, we encourage you to visit Garcia Chiropractic and speak with Dr. Garcia. After a complete evaluation, Dr. Garcia determines the best approach to manage and eliminate your pain, which is often to discover and remove the source of it.

Chronic Pain Conditions and Chiropractic Services

Certain conditions are associated with chronic pain. Some of these conditions include fibromyalgia, sciatica, whiplash, concussions, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis. Whether you have pain all over, as with fibromyalgia or lasting pain in your back or a joint, Dr. Garcia has natural treatment options to ease your discomfort.

Our chiropractic services for chronic pain often include care such as:

Chiropractic adjustments – Dr. Garcia gently adjusts your vertebrae to eliminate nerve pressure and restore your pain-free mobility. Adjustments are also performed on joints such as your shoulders, to reduce pain and allow the joint to track without interference. These adjustments are especially helpful if you are recovering from an injury as your body is able to heal in a healthy and proper alignment.

Lifestyle care – our services go beyond what occurs in the office to look at how you perform in daily life. We show you improved ways to sit, stand and sleep that may reduce pain and prevent future discomfort.

Exercises – Dr. Garcia may suggest a moderate exercise routine to strengthen muscles that are weak or unbalanced. We also show you flexibility exercises to improve your range of motion.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal ailments experienced by people in McAllen and the surrounding communities. Whether you experience lower back pain occasionally or as a chronic problem, Garcia Chiropractic can help. Our chiropractor, Dr. Garcia, uses all natural, gentle chiropractic treatments to help patients find the relief they seek for their lower back pain.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons that people experience lower back pain. Some of the most common reasons that people experience this type of back pain include:

Poor lifting techniques – Improper lifting of heavy loads can put a serious strain on the muscles and joints in the lower back. Poor lifting techniques can lead to injury and chronic pain, especially for patients who lift heavy loads as a part of their occupation.
Herniated disc – A herniated disc is a disc in the back that’s been damaged. Herniated discs can cause pain, tingling, and numbness in the back.
Overuse or muscle strain – People who engage in hard physical labor and who overwork their bodies while exercising or performing household tasks can experience lower back pain.
Ergonomic troubles – Ergonomic troubles can cause chronic pain in the lower back, upper back, and neck.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from neck-related dysfunction, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time searching for safe and effective ways to get pain relief. At Garcia Chiropractic of McAllen, Texas we help our patients find the relief they’re looking for using all natural and drug-free treatments that will leave you with less pain, more mobility, and a better ability to enjoy and participate in your daily life.

Neck Pain Treatment: Conditions Treated

Dr. Garcia has been serving McAllen and RGV communities for years. In his clinical practice, he emphasizes the importance of proactive and preventative measures and therapeutic intervention to reduce your risk of developing a problem with your spine before it occurs but, life happens. Neck pain is a common occurrence, and sometimes physical dysfunction does occur. The most common conditions affecting the neck seen by Dr. Garcia include:

Whiplash – a condition that causes a painful and stiff neck due to sudden forward and backward bending of the neck, typically seen after a car accident; whiplash can also cause headaches and dizziness
Disc herniation – a condition in which the gel-like disc between bony vertebrae slips out of place, putting pressure on nearby spinal nerves, ligaments, and muscles
Stiff neck or sore neck – a more general presentation of neck pain, often caused by muscle strain, poor body mechanics, stress, and work- or sports-related injuries
All of these are caused due to subluxations.

Joint Pain


Has nagging knee pain, soreness in your back, tennis elbow or other joint pain narrowed your range of motion along with your ability to enjoy life? If so, then you need to know that you have joint pain treatment options beyond painkillers or invasive surgery. Our chiropractor in McAllen, Dr. Jorge Garcia, is proud to serve as your source for safe, effective joint pain treatment in McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, and the surrounding areas in the Rio Grande Valley.

What’s Causing That Soreness in Your Back, Neck or Limbs?

Joint pain may stem from a variety of both acute and chronic causes. The most common form of degenerative, chronic joint pain is arthritis. There are several different forms of arthritis, from the rheumatoid inflammation associated with auto-immune diseases to painful attacks of gout in the toes. Osteoarthritis is caused because of subluxations and with activity-induced wear and tear; it occurs when the cartilage lining the joint wears out and permits bone-on-bone friction. Constant heavy demands on a joint may cause arthritis, resulting in chronic shoulder, hip or knee pain. Facet joint arthritis may occur when ongoing inflammation of the spinal joints leads to bone spurs, producing soreness in your back or neck. This inflammation may be caused by subluxation spinal disc degeneration (which causes the spinal column to lose height) or an untreated spinal misalignment.

The soft tissues that enable joint motion can also cause pain. Auto accidents or other traumatic injuries can strain or sprain connective tissues and muscles. Athletes may suffer repetitive motion injuries that cause the wrist pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, the knee pain known as runner’s knee, and the tendinitis of golf elbow or tennis elbow.

Natural, Drug-Free Joint Pain Treatment from Your McAllen Chiropractor

Standard medical treatment for joint pain often focuses on temporarily alleviating the symptoms with drugs — or even on major surgery that deliberately limits joint motion to prevent painful friction. Our McAllen and south Texas chiropractor relies on neither of these extremes. Our natural joint pain treatment methods treat the underlying cause of your pain while also restoring or preserving optimal joint stability and range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustment can prove extremely helpful for treating joint pain. By correcting subluxation (misalignment) of the fact joints, our McAllen chiropractor can reduce strain and inflammation on these joints, relieving pain while also slowing arthritis development in these joints. Correcting your spinal alignment can also correct weight imbalances that put extra wear and tear on joints and strain joint tissues. Massage therapy is good for enhancing blood flow and relieve inflammation in injured tendons and muscles. Corrective exercises can help joints optimize their pain-free range of motion while also normalizing your posture and spinal joint position.



Migraines and headaches can cause ongoing problems for children as well as adults. At Garcia Chiropractic in McAllen, we help patients manage pain from headaches. With all natural treatments, non-addictive medications and non-invasive techniques, we can help improve patient quality of life.

Headache & Migraine Causes Treated By Your McAllen Chiropractor

Headaches and migraines have a variety of causes. Understanding the reasons that headaches occur can help you put a stop to this problem. At Garcia Chiropractic, we consult with each patient to help them understand the cause behind their headaches. Some common causes of headaches include:

Allergies – People who suffer from allergies may experience headaches either as a direct result of exposure to allergy triggers, or as a result of allergy-related congestion.
Stress – Stress and anxiety can cause strain and tension in the muscles, leading to tension headaches.
Poor posture – Poor posture causes pain in the neck and shoulders. This pain can radiate up into the head.
Behavioral factors – Sometimes patients cause their own headaches by drinking red wine, skipping meals or skipping sleep.
Sinus infections – Sinus infections can cause headaches as the result of pressure and congestion in the head.

Knee Pain

There are a number of components to the knee, and coordinated and balanced movement of the knee’s structure allows it to function ideally. However, when one or more of these components become out of balance, it’s quite a different story altogether.

The symptoms of knee issues include cracking, stiffness, weakness, swelling, clicking, and popping but one of the most difficult symptoms of knee issues is chronic pain. If you are experiencing chronic knee pain, learn how our McAllen chiropractor can help.

Anyone Can Become a Victim of Knee Injury and Knee Pain

Knee pain is the result of the knee becoming impaired due to an injury such as a strain, sprain or pull. If the knee moves off its normal track, a host of problems can result. Athletes and active persons are very often the victims of knee pain, especially when their sport or activity requires a lot of fast movement changes on the court or playing field. However, knee pain can potentially strike anyone. The top causes of knee pain that your McAllen chiropractor sees include:

  • Acute knee injury
  • Overuse injury
  • Tight muscles
  • Joint degeneration
  • Complications following knee surgery
  • IT band syndrome – Tightness on the side of the leg
  • Arthritis
  • Meniscus tear – Injury to the fibrous cushioning of the knee joints
  • Runner’s knee – Pain in the front of the knee related to tight quad muscles
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Knee issues can also be the result of hip, ankle or foot problems that cause overcompensation in the knee. The resultant stress of this cascade effect can often lead to major knee issues in addition to the original problem.



Residents of McAllen, Edinburg, Mission and the neighboring areas are invited to Garcia Chiropractic to ease the discomforts of fibromyalgia. Our chiropractor in McAllen, Dr. Jorge Garcia, brings fibromyalgia diagnosis and pain relief. If you are struggling with widespread pain that does not have a specific origin, you may be dealing with fibromyalgia. This condition also brings symptoms such as focusing difficulties, fatigue, headaches, light sensitivity, and numbness or tingling in your hands and feet. Although fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, chiropractic care brings pain relief and restores your ability to participate in your favorite activities.

Fibromyalgia Relief in McAllen, Texas

Dr. Garcia evaluates your condition by examining your spine, joints, and muscles. Our chiropractor in McAllen, Texas also listens to your symptoms and reviews your health history to determine if you may be dealing with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition in which your body is oversensitive to stimuli. As a result, your nerves send pain signals that may not be real or may not be as severe as your body perceives. Your brain interprets the signals and you feel pain. Many people dealing with fibromyalgia feel pain in certain trigger points and in various places throughout the body. The pain may come and go, may remain constant and you need education on which lifestyle changes will increase your ability to deal with fibromyalgia. Some of the chiropractic techniques we use include:

Chiropractic adjustments – McAllen and Rio Grande Valley chiropractor gently adjusts your spine and joints. These manipulations improve nerve signal flow and prevent nerve disruptions. Gentle adjustments also ease muscular tension because your body does not have to struggle to maintain a healthy alignment. As a result, your pain, headaches and immobility decrease.
Nutritional support – Our health team discusses the importance of healthy nutrition when managing fibromyalgia. Certain foods may increase inflammation and pain, so we show you how to avoid these triggers and eat foods that have healthy nutrients.
Lifestyle changes – Fibromyalgia will not be ignored. Small changes in your routines such as the way you sit, sleep and move go a long way toward easing fibromyalgia pain.
Exercise – Physical activity is essential for fibromyalgia sufferers. Exercise decreases inflammation, removes toxins and improves your range of motion and strength. It also boosts your mood and helps you regain control of a body that often feels out of your control.



Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched in the lower lumbar region of the spine. Sciatica is a common problem for older adults, but can also occur in younger people under the right conditions. Many pregnant women, for example, get sciatica during pregnancy. Knowing how to recognize sciatica and where to go for treatment can help you get the relief you need when you’re in pain.

Sciatica Symptoms

The symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Pain in one leg when engaging in certain activities, like standing, sitting or lying down.
  • Numbness and tingling in one leg.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Radiating discomfort down the legs and through the back.

What You Can Do About Sciatica

If you suffer from sciatica, there are many things that you can do at home to help control your condition, including:

Stretches and exercises – There are many stretches and exercises you can perform to help relieve sciatica pain. For example, laying on your back and pulling your knees one at a time up to your chest can help stretch the lower portion of the spine and release pressure on the sciatic nerve.
Yoga – Yoga can help by stretching the muscles and straightening the spine. Yoga can also help restore balance to the spine, just like the stretches and exercises described above.
Heat and ice – Putting a bag of ice or a cold compress on the affected area can help reduce inflammation and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. If the area is not inflamed, putting a hot compress on the irritated area can loosen the muscles, relieving pain and freeing the sciatic nerve from the part of the spine that is pinching it.
Anti-inflammatory diet – Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can also help reduce symptoms of sciatica. Your chiropractor can help you choose anti-inflammatory foods that will help with this.

Disc Pain

Are you living with spinal disc pain? At Garcia Chiropractic, we take disc problems very seriously. Whether a disc has slipped out of place or stopped regenerating, pain and mobility problems are common consequences, and they can leave you in pain or prevent you from using your upper body correctly.

Dr. Jorge Garcia, our McAllen chiropractor knows how painful and debilitating disc problems can be. He’s committed to getting to the bottom of disc pain and customizing a treatment plan that targets the source.

Different Types of Disc Problems

Your discs are located between each vertebra in your spine, where they absorb force, allow mobility, and act as protective, connective ligaments that keep your neck and back aligned. When these discs are damaged, deteriorating, or out of place, they cannot serve these important purposes unless we identify and treat the problem that’s causing your disc pain.

During chiropractic exams, our chiropractor works to pinpoint the specific cause of disc pain and related symptoms. Most disc problems belong to one of these two categories:

Herniated Disc or Bulging Disc – When a disc bulges out of place and leaks its inner material, it may come into contact with the sensitive nerve roots in your spine. Because disc matter is inflammatory and your nerves run throughout the rest of your body, this can cause radiating pain in a variety of places, but it isn’t actually the disc that it’s pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease – Over time, your discs may dry out, shrink, and become less flexible and more susceptible to damage. This common age-related condition results in pain in the discs themselves, as the vertebrae continue to put pressure on them and tears occur
Whether you have disc pain or nerve pain caused by a disc problem, you need one-on-one attention to know more about the nature of your condition. Our chiropractor will get started by thoroughly investigating your specific symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel


Garcia Chiropractic and our McAllen chiropractor, Dr. Jorge Garcia, bring gentle relief for carpal tunnel syndrome. If you live in or around McAllen, Mission or Edinburg area, our wellness team encourages you to contact us for carpal tunnel syndrome relief. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. We use your body’s natural strengths to heal your injury and help restore pain-free movement to your hands and wrists.

Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects your wrist and hands. A nerve that sends signals to and from your hands, travels through a tunnel-like structure in your wrist. If this tunnel becomes compromised due to injury or overuse, it may place pressure on the median nerve. When this happens, you experience symptoms such as:

  • Numbness in your hand
  • A tingling or pins and needles sensation in your hand
  • Hand weakness or inability to grasp objects
  • Limited mobility in your hand and wrist

Dr. Garcia examines your hand and wrist and then uses chiropractic adjustments to position your wrist and remove the pressure off the nerve. These adjustments are gentle and you may experience an immediate reduction in your hand symptoms. As you progress through chiropractic treatments, your body learns to maintain this healthier position and your pain is reduced. Then, our wellness team shows you how to avoid future episodes of carpal tunnel syndrome. This may require changes in the way your workstation is arranged or an adjustment in the way you participate in sports or perform repetitive motions. As you learn exercises to strengthen and stretch your hands and wrists, you also feel pain relief and a restoration of movement.